Monday, August 18, 2008

Kitty who eats chocolate

Yesterday at the chocolate factory, I saw a little kitty. He was a
little plump. I was guessing he ate the chocolate. I was wondering
if a kitty could survive on just chocolate, but I think that one did.
I don't know how, or if I ever will know for sure. I figured that
because the kitty was walking around like he was at his own home. He
was scared of people, though. My mom just barely got a picture of
him. We also tried some cocoa. If you ever go to Grenada, you have
to visit Belmont Estates. It is the best chocolate on the planet.
They have 71% cocoa and 60% cocoa. Every bar is a foot long. We got
four bars. The best part about it is that they don't expire until
2010. They are "organic" and last a long time.
While we were at Belmont Estates, we saw a parrot that could talk. It
would say, "Polly want a cracker", "bye" and it would laugh like a
human. There was also my favorite, a monkey. Both of them were
really cute. The lunch they served was really good, but we ate it for
dinner, not lunch.


Kathi said...

I guess chocolate is good for cats, too!! I know its good for moms! Loved the post! Keep up the posting!!
Miss you lots!

Anonymous said...

Love your posts, Cole. Your compositions continue to improve!!! Wish I had a picture of the monkeys and parrott. Did you have a tummy ache after all that chocolate? How much did Daddy eat?

Carla said...

Cole- Something tells me that the chocolate will not see 2010 with the Zen crew. I am glad you are having fun, miss you!-Carla

Anonymous said...

Cole B!

We are just getting back online, so we are a little behind with reading the posts. I heard all about the chocolate factory. Wish I was there with you guys for that one. Lolly talks about you every single day. Miss you!