Tuesday, June 17, 2008

zen shirt

Yesterday I designed my own Zen shirt and hat to wear on Zen. The Zen
shirt is red and white I also made an orange shirt. The hat is dusty
colored and has the Zen logo on it too. I also just bought new
sunglasses incase I lose the ones I am using now. You can see my dog
Harley is licking her nose my red and white shirt and my hat has not
come in yet but they will come in soon enough. Today I am going to go
to a dance rehearsal with my sister and my mom. In 16 days my sisters
best friend Katherine is coming down from Pennsylvania Cammi is so
exited to see her. It will be the last time cammi will get to see her
this year. For the las week we've basically been packing up the whole
house. Catch you later.