Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just did Cinquains

Today was very interesting. My mom thought we were going to do a lot
of composition, but instead, we got to do cinquains. If you are
wondering what a cinquain is, it's an oriental verse of five lines.
There are two kinds, word-count and syllable-count. Here's the ones I
came up with today.

Splashing loudly
Moving up and down waves
Like a blue blanket on Earth

Star shine
Shining so bright
Like a moon on fire
Dancing, prancing around the Earth
On fire

Black, bright
Jumping, hopping, skipping
Following your every move

Hope everyone at home is doing great. I don't usually write blogs. I
will try and get better.


Anonymous said...

I love doing Cinquains! I did them in fourth grade and they are really fun!

Caroline from s/v Someday Came

Anonymous said...

Cole B-

Those were great! I love your blogs; you are doing a wonderful job with your writing.

Think of a good cinquain about Lolly!! HA!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cole,
Loved your cinquains. Have never heard of it before so thank you for explaining it to me. I think you really do have a hidden talent. And yes, I would love to hear more from your blogs. It keeps me connected to you.
Love you tons and miss you more,

Carla said...

Hi Cole-
What a poet! Cinquains are so much fun, I love the clapping part most. Keep up the great work. I like how you ended the shadows poem with the word mirror- a good way to catch the readers attention---I love reading your bolgs. Miss you!- Carla

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude!
Those poems were fantastic! Your writing is coming along...they were very descriptive. It sounds like you are having a wonderful adventure. We miss you!
Erika, Scott and Stella too!

Anonymous said...

Hello Cole,
I enjoyed reading your poetry! Congrats on your recent grades too.
Say hello to all,
Auntie Tonya