Monday, August 18, 2008

Five Book Reports

I've been reading a lot but haven't done many book reports. Here's a
few that I need to catch up on:

"World According to Humphrey"
This book about a hamster that gets taken home every weekend from
school. Humphrey is the class pet. Every weekend he'd have an
adventure at somebody's house. It was different every time, sometimes
good, sometimes bad, mostly good. It was a substitute teacher who
bought him from a pet store. He would have gotten taken back to the
pet store if the whole class didn't like him. The main teacher did
not like Humphrey, but in the end she grew fond of him. Overall, it
was a pretty good book.

"Jack Sparrow: The Coming Storm"
In this book, the main character was Jack Sparrow. He's a kid in this
version and this is when he gets his crew to get on his sailing ship,
the Barnacle. He has a girl and 3 boys as a crew, overall they are a
smart crew. Someone follows them and controls storms and sends 3
storms right at them. If the storm controller got hit with a storm,
he got wiped out, and that is exactly what happened. The book was OK,
but I have read better.

"The Homework Machine"
Just a couple of days ago, I finished a book called, "The Homework
Machine". In the beginning it didn't make sense, but eventually I got
it. It was about a kid who accidentally spills his secret that he
built a machine that does your homework for you. When other kids
found out about it, that's when he spilled the secret. They started
running and everyone was after them. The whole book was really short,
but good. If you get a chance, you should read it.

"A Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Part 1"
This book was about a kid who want a journal, but gets a diary. He
actually writes in it when nobody is looking. His brother, Roderick,
always tries to steal it. He accidentally breaks his friend's arm by
throwing a football under his bicycle while it was going really fast.
The kid flipped off and broke his arm. His mom went ballistic and
made him do his friend's magic act with a first grader. He is in
fifth grade. The part I liked the most was when he threatened high
school kids with calling 9-1-1. It was a really funny book.

"A Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Part 2"
This book is the same as the first one, just his older brother,
Roderick, knows a secret and is holding it over his head. Whenever he
asks Roderick for help, he gets tricked and messes up. When the
secret was spilled, it got all changed and ended up being really
good. Roderick got really embarrassed. Now, he's got something to
hold over Roderick's head. I can't wait to read the third one.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have been coing a lot of reading, Cole. Your writing skills have improved so much - Mommy must be a really good teacher! Can't wait to hear about the third sequel of "The whimpy kid". Sounds like you are enjoying that one best.
Love you and miss you tons,