Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cammi Tricked Me Into Writing A Blog

Hi everyone, I just finished doing a salsa dance to a Spanish tune we
probably picked up somewhere along the trip. Cammi danced with me too and
it was really fun. It was also pretty amazing that I lasted through the day
only playing the DS for an hour and watching only one movie. On long
passages I normally do lots of electronics. We also just had a homemade
chicken curry with rice and awesome homemade Naan (a type of really good
Indian bread). Cammi is reading me a really unpredictable book right now
called Found. It's part of a series of books that I like. Well, I want to go
play PSP and Cammi is going to read me Found. Bye!

By the way, Cammi typed this.


Anonymous said...

oh my god cole,you FINALLY posted. p.s tell everyone i said hi and i had a great time in florida.(I WISH U WERE THERE).

Carla said...

Well, well, well-- You are still on board ZEN-hahaha. Glad you posted. I love to read about your adventures too. I miss you tons and hope to continue to read about your experiences. Enjoy reading Found-- Many of my students loved that book. HUGS and KISSES- Carla

Anonymous said...

wish Cammi would trick you into another blog entry....

Anonymous said...

COLE, please please please blog and let us know you are still on board!!!
The Dunns